Website Consumer Advocate Disclaimer & HIPAA Compliance Notice

RG Advocates is not a law firm, is not licensed to practice law, and is therefore not permitted under the laws of any state to give legal advice. RG Advocates has specific knowledge, experience and expertise in the area of medical billing and medical billing compliance and can only legally render its professional opinion on the factual matter of a hospital or medical bill’s compliance with billing and coding initiatives and with usual and customary business practices. RG Advocates cannot and will not render advice on how those facts relate to the law. Legal questions must be answered by an attorney licensed to practice in the state where medical care was received.

RG Advocates is HIPAA certified and will not disclose Protected Health Information (PHI) without express written consent and for the specific purpose of medical billing advocacy services (see164.508(c)(1)(iv) of the privacy regulations issued pursuant to the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act - “HIPAA Privacy Rule”).