Helping Attorneys Maximize Client Results


Medical bills play a large part in the resolution of legal matters, including probate and estates, personal injury, medical malpractice and bankruptcy. 

As an attorney, you want to maximize the amount of money that ends up in your client's pocket at the close of a legal matter. If client funds are eaten up with medical bills, it can be very difficult to reach a resolution.

RG Advocates can review your client's medical bills for mistakes and inappropriate charges and then negotiate with the medical providers for "real" reductions, not just "courtesy" adjustments.Save you time 

As healthcare reform proceeds, attorneys may have to modify their relationships with medical providers to conform to regulatory requirements. Providing medical treatment "on a lien basis" may not be as common in the future. We can work with your firm to develop the best strategy to deal with healthcare reform while maximizing outcomes for your clients.

 Attorneys who work with estates certainly don't want the heirs to pay medical bills for the decedent that are incorrect. We can perform a line-by-line analysis of the medical bills in the estate, identifying items that are noncompliant with federal and state billing guidelines, improperly coded, for services that were not actually received and other common billing errors.

 If your office handles medical records, we can also provide services of obtaining and organizing medical records and itemized bills, freeing up valuable time of your in-house staff.