Helping Medical Professionals Reduce Aging A/R Portfolios


Medical bills play a large part in the resolution of legal matters, including probate and estates, personal injury, medical malpractice and bankruptcy. 

As a medical care provider, you depend on payments from insurance companies and third-party administrators for the majority of your income.

The longer it takes for a bill to be paid, the less likely it is that the money will ever be collected. You may not be aware that many of the aging receivables in your practice are the result of insurance company or Medicare mistakes, oversights or improper denials of coverage. You may have been mistakenly identified as an "out of network" provider, resulting in a lower payment. 

Save you timeThe patient rarely understands why there is an outstanding bill that, to the best of their understanding, the insurance company or Medicare should have paid. Past Due Notices and phone calls to patients about their bills hurt the provider-patient relationship. At RG Advocates , we can reduce the burden on your office and billing staff while increasing your revenue.

Let us assist you in getting paid for the services you provide. We can work with your patients and their insurers to increase your revenue. Your staff does not have to badger patients, or use up valuable time researching and following up on languishing insurance and Medicare claims. Sending your patient bills to a collection agency should be a matter of last resort. RG Advocates can help.