What We Do

Whether you have a medical bill or Explanation of Benefits that you don’t understand, our advocates will help you get through the healthcare maze.

Our Services

Helping Business with the Business - of Healthcare

We understand the ins and outs of the modern health insurance maze. Whether you a consumer, provider, or a business, chances are you have experienced the confusion, headaches and stress associated with insurance claim denials or confusing medical bills.

We handle insurance claim appeals and fight to reverse your insurance company’s denial of payment or necessary medical services.

Because of expertise in this field, we achieve results and financial benefits for our clients.

We provide our clients:

  • Detailed analysis of medical bills and insurance payments
  • Medical Bill Management Service
  • Communicate with medical providers to obtain reductions in your bills, even if you have already paid the bill
  • Assist with appeals of coverage denials by your insurance company
  • Analysis of business health plan coverage
  • Third Party Administrator audits
  • Attorney services in matters involving medical malpractice, personal injury, unfair trade and billing practices, estates and bankruptcy
  • Physician and medical provider services to reduce aging accounts receivable portfolios


Our Clients are:

Businesses - Click here to see Helping Business with the Business of Healthcare™
Attorneys: Click here
to see how we work with law firms
Healthcare Providers: Click here to see how we work with healthcare professionals
Insurance Agents: Click here to see how we work with insurance agents

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